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How do I join?

Sign up easily through the registration form. The Monster Bite loyalty points program is free and points are automatically collected and added your account.



How do I collect points?

For each purchase made through the Monster Bite website, you will gather points that will be stored to your registered account.

Example: For every 10 € of purchase, you will receive 10 points, which you can use for your next purchase. 10 points is worth 0.50 € .



How to check the points?

You can check the points status by logging in to your Monster Bite registered account and then entering into your profile.


1. 10 € = 10 points = 0.5 €

2. You can use the discount if you have at least 10 points.

3. The discount (obtained by points) can not exceed 25% of the discount.

4. Discount vouchers can not be used together with points.



Dear customers, we inform you that the currently acquired points must be used up to and including January 31, 2024. After this date, all points acquired so far will expire due to the transition to the new online store system